Why Study in Australia? The Benefits of Pursuing a Student Visa

Australia has been the most desired destination for students, especially from India, Nepal, Malaysia, Brazil, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries.

Australia ranks as the second-best country in the United Nations due to its outstanding quality of lifestyle index. In terms of human well-being, health, education, and occupations, this nation comes second on the list of best countries. 

Also, this country boasts a world-class educational framework, six top-ranked universities out of the best 100, globally-approved courses, and plentiful scholarships. Besides this, it provides various educational agendas, internships, and paid post-study work options. Additionally, Australia offers cutting-edge infrastructure and extensive research facilities. 

Students are now applying for the Student visa Australia for their short-term and long-term degrees, short-term English proficiency courses, and doctoral degrees. At present, Australia houses 384,000 students from 140 different countries all over the world. Aside from this, Australia’s picturesque landscape and massive wildlife are home to more than 200 languages and diverse cultures.

Benefits of Pursuing a Student Visa Australia

⮚    Study and Work in Australia

A student visa in Australia will permit you to stay throughout your course. Also, it will entitle you to 40 hours of work per fortnight during your study. Also, you can go for a full-time job during your school vacations. 

The visa agent Australia will also help you extend your stay in this country after getting a Holiday Visa and Working Holiday Visa.

⮚    No Age Limitation

If you are above 18, you will get your Student visa Australia. But if you are below 18, You will apply some special norms.

⮚    Obtain an Australian Diploma

The Australian education department offers three official courses; Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, and a master’s. This certificate will be your key to success as it will enable the process of getting a work visa in Australia. Also, you will be one step further to getting sponsored by Australian employers and management.

⮚    Post-Graduate Visa Done By Visa Agent Australia

Another attractive offer a student can avail of is a two-year post-graduation work facility in any Australian company. Australian companies will eventually entitle your name to their employee list if you are studying at a higher level. Even you can claim your scholarship via Student visa Australia.

⮚    Include a Partner or Family Member

When you apply for a student visa, your family or partner can join you on your new journey. Not only that, if you are planning to pursue a Master’s degree, your partner will be eligible for work rights in Australia. 

⮚    Duration of a Student Visa Australia 

Australian Student Visa granted period depends on the duration of the course.

If you are going for the six-month course, the visa validity will be for 6monthns. If it is for 12 months, the validity period will be 12 months. But, a student must choose their study program between 12 weeks to 52 weeks to qualify for a visa application conducted by visa agent Australia. 

⮚    Cost of a Student Visa 

An Australian Student Visa for Subclass 500 costs $606AUD. This fee will remain the same as long as students pursue their studies. But, the fee varies depending on the applicant’s location. Here, students can access pricing-determining tools to make an overview of the visa application with the help of The Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

⮚    Renewal of the Student Visa 

A student can renew their student visa multiple times as long they are enlisted in the course accomplished by CRICOS with the help of visa agent Australia. But, it would help if they did not hold several visas from another country.


Studying in this nation will give you a wonderful future life gained by different perspectives, cross-cultural values, advanced communication ability, strong network, and incredible lifestyle index. Along with this, students pursuing their careers in Australia will get their dream job in one of the most renowned companies in Australia.