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The Score of the PTE test is a big deal for every candidate planning to move abroad or to study in Australia. While you are preparing for your test, you can study thousands of questions for the test, but it will not give results if do not practice for the real-time experienced-based test. That’s the reason, our experienced tutors advise candidates to appear for the PTE mock tests before the big day arrives.

The real PTE Mock test gives you the real-time environment experience of the PTE test. Our PTE Mock test online Sydney gives you scores after the mock test so that you can analyze your mistakes and work more on them. Moreover, the PTE mock tests comprise questions identical to the past exams.

Benefits of PTE Mock Tests

PTE Mock Tests Lakemba offers you weekly and full sectional mock tests for the preparation of your PTE test.

The PTE Mock Test let you overcome your weakness:

PTE mock tests help you evaluate your skills and let you know the reality check of your preparation for the test. Taking PTE online mock tests with scores will help you know the topics where you need to focus more before the real test arrives.

Give the Real-Time Environment Experience:

In Addition, the PTE mock tests make the candidate familiar with the real PTE test format, so that the candidates are confident while taking the real test

Latest Questions:

Our PTE mock tests are an updated version of the questions of the past exams. It helps the candidate understand the pattern and the trend of the questions asked in the PTE exam.

Learn Time Management Skills:

One of the main advantages of taking the PTE test is it helps improve time management skills. Time plays a crucial role in the PTE test, candidates must give appropriate time to each section of the PTE test.

Get Instant Scores:

We provide instant scores on the PTE test. Our AI algorithm conducts and manages the test and hence provides instant scores after the PTE test.

In-Depth Analysis:

After you get the scores for your PTE mock test, our tutors analyze your result and evaluate how much focus should you need to improvise your skills. We use the latest resources for the questions.

What Makes Our PTE Mock Test Best?

A full sectional PTE Mock Test – We offer a full sectional as per the test format of the real PTE test. It includes the four sections of the test – Reading, speaking, Listening, and Writing.
Free PTE Mock Tests:
We offer a set of free PTE mock tests, to help the candidates who are at the beginning level of PTE preparation.
Get Advice from our experts:
When you practice for your real test and give a Mock test, our experts evaluate the performance of your PTE mock test and let you know the weak points of each section of the test to work on. Our experts provide tips and strategies by observing each aspirant’s mock test scores. This helps the aspirants boost their confidence.
The PTE Exam Pattern
For PTE Test, there are two modules, the Academic and The General Training module. The Speaking and writing test is different for the Academic and The General Training, whereas the other two tests are same for the both modules.

Our PTE mock tests online have questions for both the Academic and The General Training modules.

Our experts have years of experience in the Pearson test, they combine the previous exam’s questions with the latest trends of questions for each section, so you get the best practice through the PTE online mock test.

For the reading test, our PTE mock test comprises a variety of questions that will help you upgrade your reading skills. The test is divided into two parts which will test your reading skills and response to the given content. Out reading PTE mock test questions consist of re-ordering the paragraphs, multiple choice questions, and many others.

For the writing section, we have questions like writing an essay on academic content. The PTE writing mock test helps you to avoid typos, and spelling mistakes and add the key points to the essay.

Time management is the key to completing the writing test. Candidates need to practice writing an essay in 20 minutes and summarize the given academic content in 10 minutes.

In such a situation, the candidate requires to use their word bank carefully so that the word does not change the meaning of the sentence. Using inappropriate synonyms of the word will affect your PTE scores.

A well-organized Writing PTE mock test will prepare candidates to achieve skyrocketing scores in the writing exam!

Speaking test requires you to have a clear sound and fluency in your language while speaking. The PTE speaking mock test will surely help you improvise your fluency and English language skills. One of the examples is reading aloud the given text that appears on the screen. The text will be around 60 words approximately.

The Listening test evaluates the hearing and understanding power to carefully listen to the paragraph, catch the main point, and give the answer properly. The time given to the listening test is 45 minutes where aspirants have to either read some text from the video or hear the text from the audio. Our PTE mock tests have listening test questions that will help you improve your vocabulary and grammar.