Professional Year Program: A Door To Future Opportunities

Are you ready to move to Australia to find the scope of future opportunities supported by a unique professional year program? To get enrolled in the professional year program Australia needs expert guidance in the process. Advisapro will help you in each stage of your program with the assistance of professional year program consultants. Feel free to contact our professional year program migration agents.

What is a Professional Year Program?

The professional year program increases the potential capabilities of Accounting/Engineering /IT students. The program helps them to fetch future employment as per their polished skills. It is the nurturing process before entering the real-world market of Australia. Advisapro helps to connect to the PY program agents in Australia to make the process hassle-free.

Our experts at Advisapro, are experienced enough to help aspirants for grabbing and settle down for better employment options. Contacting for assistance is not a big deal for you.

professional Visa: Basic Requirements

Application for the PY program will move your career through different aspects. With Advisapro, applying for a professional program is not an impossible task. We are the best professional year program consultants all over Australia.

  • The aspirant must have a bachelor’s degree in the respective field like accounting, IT, and Engineering branch.
  • For the Accounting professional year program, candidates need to score 6 bands in every module to get the temporary visa subclass 485.
  • The score will help to register for a desired PYP.
  • You should have the following for the program:
    • Temporary graduate visa as per subclass 485.
    • Skilled recognized graduate visa as per subclass 476.
    • Permanent resident visa holders.
    • Bridging visa with study and work rights.
    • Secondary visa of other visas.
    • You should be either an Australian citizen or New Zealand or a permanent resident.

The above-mentioned visas may not support you as per the resident constraints. Talk to our consultants at Advisapro to get applications approved for the program.

Our professional year program migration agents will update all the required services that can help in processing the application faster. Connect with Advisapro for the best services.

Types of Programs Available

The program was launched and developed by CPA Australia, New Zealand CA, Institutes of public accountants IPA, and Chartered Accountants Australia. The above program provides the training to brush up on their professional skills from Australian universities.
The program of Engineering Education Australia(EEA) professional year program was launched to help engineering graduates to study and excel with skills from Australian universities in the future.

The program was developed by the Australian computer society to help ICT(international information and communications )graduates from Australian universities. They will get a successful career by earning the skills required.

You can be eligible with the correct set of processes to work with Advisapro to get a professional year in Australia to enhance your career possibilities.

To opt for the programs you must have the required visa to stay and study and further work in a reputed organization in Australia. Take the experienced help of Advisapro for the visas and the know-how to apply for the related programs.

  • Skilled Regional(provisional) visa of subclass 489

    The visa helps skillful talent to live and work in a regional area of Australia after the completion of the program for up to 4 years. Even the program will also be in the regional language. It can also help in traveling inside or outside of Australia. The Visa period must be valid for that.

There can be higher advantage points by opting for the professional year program Sydney. The program will assist your career launching in Australia with a higher remuneration as per the skill acquired.

Professional Year Program: Benefits

There can be many benefits but few can be listed to make you aware of the output to have us with our great services at Advisapro.


  1. The program will turn you into an Australian culture holder.
  2. The best part of the professional year program is to gain 5 points for their Australian PR application. This is possible after the completion of the program.
  3. The program will become an added advantage to your CV.
  4. You will get the chance to come across industry professionals to connect with.
  5. You will be awarded the professional year certificate at the end of the program.
  6. The program internship will become your game changer to have a high-value opportunity in the future.

The Bottom Line

You can get the best PY program agents in Australia to help you throughout the application process. The professional year program Sydney will enhance the skills as per your interest area in education. So, visit us to find a great program to excel in your profession!