Student Visa(subclass 500)

Australia is a heaven for those who want to serve on their educational capability. About 3 lakh students from all over the world attend the Australian education system because of their highly diversified and flexible education options. Their practical approach serves students at all levels, from school to doctor to the engineering level.


Moreover, hundreds of Australian courses for international students cover all high-demand professional and vocational topics. There are many reasons students pick Australia-friendly hospitality, cozy climate, living conditions, and many career options. You shouldn’t hesitate to contact a student visa agent in Australia for help.

An Overview of Student Visa (subclass 500)

It will allow you to pursue full-time learning at an accredited academic institution or university in Australia. Under this visa, one can live in Australia as long as the study program takes. You must have an offer letter when applying for this visa. Or you may have an application status with an Australian education institution. Advisapro is the best student visa consultant in Australia. 

Student Visa: Requirements

The students must meet these exceptions to get a student visa. Advisapro is the best student visa agent in Lakemba & Sydney, Australia. Let’s check the requirements of student visa.

  • The minimum age requirement for enrollment in a school is 6 years.
  • Student permit submissions require proof of study enrollment. Without proof of registration, your application will not be processed further.
  • Students can apply for multiple courses in a package program. Every course, however, requires confirmation of enrollment.
  • The English language skill test is necessary to get a student visa subclass 500.
  • Family members and students must have and maintain proper health insurance for the whole time they live in Australia. The Australian Health Insurance provider must back it.
  • The student must have enough funds to pay the costs while staying in Australia. They have to provide proper proof of the funds as well.
  • It is necessary for the student to be an eligible temporary entrant to be eligible for a student visa 500 Australia. Once their lessons are over, they should plan to return home.
  • The family member and the student above 16 years of age should meet good health and character requirements.
  • To access the student visa, the student must not have a visa request denied or cancelled at any time in the past.

Student Visa (subclass 500): Benefits

There are many benefits to the student visa 500 Australia. You can take the help of us for an Australian student visa. A student visa consultant, Advisapro has years of experience in student visas.

  • · Studying in Australia has no limits. You can pick any course to study in any college or university.
  • Under visa 500 Australia, you can move in with your family for a sufficient time. While applying, you have to submit their names. Your family member can earn complete-time work for the entire visa duration if you are pursuing a master’s degree.
  • You can learn and do a job together without an issue. Fortnightly work limits are 40 hours with this visa. And for unlimited hours during institutional breaks. It will help you to cover your living cost.

The course package allows you to study two or more courses under one visa. It will save you time and money. If you want to study in Australia, consult the student visa agent Australia. There is no best agent for Australia student visa than us. No need to worry and leave everything to us.

Student Visa Australia: Application Procedure

To start the visa process, the applicant must have a valid passport. Applicants without valid passports must apply for one. Apply for a student visa after gathering the required documents. It is critical to ensure that all proof meets the facts in the subclass 500 visa application.


It is critical to ensure that all proof meets the facts in the subclass 500 visa application. In any case, candidates are free to enter the details of their partners on the application form.


It is necessary to submit a filed application along with the appropriate fee to the DHA. There may be chances of form rejection if the total costs are not paid.


But you can take the help of the best agent for Australia student visa if you have any issues. After the submission, the DHA will analyze the application and communicate with you through email about the conclusion they made. Applicants will receive a reason for their application denial.

Call the best student visa agent Sydney, Australia, to save yourself from mistakes. The team at Advisapro has years of experience handling various visa types. They will help you secure and guide your subclass 500 visa.

The Bottom Line,

Want to study abroad? Get in touch with the student visa Australia experts at Advisapro. It is out specialty to handle student visas. The student visa migration agent will help you at every step, so you do not face any problems. We will fulfill all your wishes without a problem. We will do everything on your behalf. Thus, it is better to rely on us.