Work Visa Australia: (subclass 482)

Subclass 482 visa Australia is useful when the employer cannot find a proper skill Australian candidate. Then this visa lets employers manage labour needs by hiring expert workers. Work visa Australia is a temporary visa that allows skilled workers to work in Australia for up to 4 years. But the condition is that an approved Australian employer sponsors them.


However, your professional skill or work experience must match the position when you are applying for in Australia. Work visa holders can work in their profession in Australia. Nonetheless, permanent residency may also be possible in some cases. We are the best agent for Australia work visa at Advisapro. Our visa services are free of hidden fees, so contact us today.

Short-Term Stream for Work Visa

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  • Working in Australia for 2 to 4 years is possible if you have an ITO.
  • If you have a valid Pass, you can travel as often as you like to Australia.
  • Permanent residency is also possible for you.


  • Be nominated for short-term skilled work
  • Minimum of two years of relevant work skill in the field you have selected
  • Obtain a relevant skills assessment if your trade requires one
  • Sponsored or associated entities only, unless you are exempt
  • You must meet minimum standards to be exempt from demonstrating an English language test

Medium-Term Stream for Work Visa

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Work visa Australia is a temporary visa that allows an overseas worker to stay in Australia. They can work full time for their posting employee in the designated position.

Meet the standard requirements for age, English, health and character.


  1. Businesses must be able to meet all sponsorship requirements and be approved as sponsors in order to nominate applicants;
  2. For nominated work, employees must pay market salary rates.
  3. Employees must show they have attempted to find a worker in the Australian labour market.
  4. Must get a score of a minimum of 5 in the IELTS
  5. There is a requirement of 2 years of related work experience.
  6. Show relevant capabilities and skills to work in the nominated area
  7. Must meet character and health requirements

Labour Agreement Stream for Work Visa

You can apply if your sponsor is a member of the labour agreement stream. Businesses may bring workers to Australia under labour agreements based on an agreement between employers and the government.


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Work Visa: Documents Checklist

Our working visa consultants agents will assist you in simply applying for this visa and get it processed without any sprints. The 482visa checklist is as follows.
  1. Nomination by your sponsor
  2. Visa application form 482
  3. Proof identity
  4. Report on the skill test
  5. English proficiency result
  6. Skill employment documents
  7. 2 passport size coloured photograph
  8. Documents supporting your educational qualifications
  9. Displaying you have learned in a regional area of Australia to fulfil Australian study requirements
  10. Your skills qualification paper and your partner’s English language test
  11. Certification of experience
  12. Relationship status document
  13. Report on the health assessment
  14. Health insurance documents
  15. Labour agreement
  16. Various other documents requested by Australian authorities

But you must confirm that all documents submitted are in English. Ensure that all required documents are attached.

Contact our experts if you have any confusion or doubt about the working visa Australia checklist.

What are Its Benefits?

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  1. Under the program, you will be able to work for a sponsor that is approved for your profession.
  2. You can bring your family to Australia.
  3. Staying in Australia can offer your family members the same benefits as yours.
  4. There is no restriction on your family members working or studying in Australia.
  5. From the approval date, the nomination is generally valid for 12 months.
  6. From the date the sponsorship is approved, it is valid for five years.

The Bottom Line,

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