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You must study for the IELTS in order to maximize your chances of success. The British Council offers a variety of free materials to help you study for the IELTS exam. To assist you in preparing and letting you know what to expect during your test, we have put together the materials listed below. Select the study tools that work best for you and begin preparing for your IELTS exam right away. We offering a demo class as well and if the customer is satisfied then they can pay fees and start a regular bench.

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  • Recognize the Test Format

    Review the test’s subject matter as well as the question and task formats for each section to get a feel for the test’s structure.

  • Sample IELTS Questions

    In order to aid you in getting ready for your IELTS test, we have supplied IELTS exam sample questions. You can get a concept of the test structure and what to anticipate from the Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking tests by doing this.

  • Progress Check for IELTS – A Recognised Practise Exam

    You can take the official IELTS practice test IELTS Progress Check online for IELTS exam preparation Sydney. It is intended to assist you in getting ready and comprehending the areas that want improvement or attention.

    Examiners who are experienced and qualified mark IELTS Progress check. Take a timed or untimed test, and you’ll get feedback that includes a rough overall band score and specific band scores for the sections of Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

  • Set Attainable Objectives

    The word “realistic” is important here. The score you want and the score you are likely to receive realistically varies significantly. Although it won’t guarantee miracles, effective IELTS exam preparation Lakemba will help you succeed and ensure that you receive the highest possible grade.

  • Official IELTS Preparation Resources

    You can better grasp the framework of the IELTS test and the kinds of questions you might encounter by using our approved IELTS exam materials. The information is appropriate for both IELTS Academic and General Training and covers all four skills.

    Three example Speaking test answers are included, as well as a DVD with the Listening test audio. You can raise your grade by reading the official IELTS practice materials and examiner comments on the sample answers for Speaking and Writing.

  • Increase Your Word Power

    The vocabulary section of the IELTS exam is significant. 25% of your overall Speaking and Writing mark is based on this assignment. It is also covered in the reading and listening tests. You should start developing a strategy for increasing your vocabulary straight now.

  • Get Your Writing and Speaking Evaluated

    The most crucial aspect of your IELTS preparation online is definitely this. You are really wasting a lot of time if you don’t know what your shortcomings are since you won’t know where to put your attention. To get better, you must concentrate on your areas of weakness.

  • Online instruction for IELTS that is personalised

    Join our online IELTS preparation course with IELTS professionals that are totally customizable. To increase your grade, combine live private or group online classes.

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  • Every Time. All places

    Study for the IELTS anywhere! We provide you with the option. You can now study for the IELTS exam at home, in a coffee shop, or while travelling. So simple, in fact! There are several batches, and we’re eager to improve and brighten your IELTS-learning experience through ongoing support.

  • Action, Camera, Lights

    Right now, right now! Through the incredible design of our IELTS e-learning platform, we can plainly see you. IELTS preparation is made easy with our well-equipped online course, free resources, and engaging techniques. IELTS recorded videos are also available in case you miss something. Time to go live!

  • A Wise Investment

    We certainly take pride in the work we perform, yes. We are the ideal combination of affordable classes and high-quality instruction. In actuality, it’s really expensive! Without worrying about your wallet, study from the greatest and most efficient IELTS practice test materials for Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

  • Learn from Home Assignments

    We offer a variety of IELTS practice exams. These online IELTS exam preparation resources have been thoughtfully arranged by experts to make studying easier. Enjoy free access to more than 20 practice exams, brush up on your IELTS abilities with our online practise test, and be sure to share your scores with us!

IELTS Online Tests : Why Use Them?

  • Take Current IELTS Tests

    Real IELTS Listening and Reading tests are based on real IELTS exams and are formatted according to the Cambridge IELTS book.

  • Community-driven

    Developed by our community of IELTS instructors, former IELTS test administrators, and IELTS test takers.

  • Thorough Analytics Tool

    Our IELTS Analytics is a tool that enables you to establish a target band score for the IELTS, evaluate your development, and identify areas for improvement.

  • See IELTS Results and Explanations of the Answers

    You can view your answer sheets and check your Listening or Reading band scores after taking one of our IELTS practise exams with actual audio.

  • Gaining IELTS Band Scores

    It has been demonstrated that using our online tests to prepare for the IELTS helps students improve by 0.5 to 1.5.

Frequently Asked Questions

English proficiency tests are known as IELTS, or International English Language Testing System. Your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills will be evaluated on this test.
You must schedule your exam through an authorised IELTS organisation (eg. IELTS, IDP, or the British Council). The IELTS website also offers a helpful online tool that locates the test center closest to you.
Yes, we have assisted many students in getting an overall IELTS score of 8. You can get a decent score by using our preparation materials and instructions.