Health Insurance Services -
A Guide to the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Policies

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Many people come to visit the land down under for a variety of purposes. We at Advisapro have helped countless students gain access to their overseas student health cover Australia and have a safe stay during their academic sessions. With our assistance, getting your OSHC is not at all difficult. Get in touch with one of our associates as soon as possible!

What are Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Insurance Policies?

OSHC stands for overseas student health cover OSHC Australia. This is a condition of a student visa that requires the student to have continuous OSHC for the duration of his/her stay in Australia.


The majority of Australians are covered by the country’s national health insurance program, Medicare. It covers a significant portion of the healthcare costs, but it does not cover international students. Hence, OSHC enables international students to access healthcare without facing financial hardship.

OSHC: Requirements

An individual with a student visa would need a legal and official deed for the Overseas Student Health Care provisions that outlines all the rules that health funds must comply with if they want to offer OSHC policies.

Who Needs Student Health Insurance Australia (OSHC)?

International students including their partners and children under 18 need OSHC Australia. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. For instance, Belgian students (covered by the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement between Belgium and Australia), Norwegian students (provided with health insurance by the Norwegian Government), and Swedish students (having international cover with the Swedish National Board of Students Aid (CSN) or Kammarkollegeit)


Swedish students not covered by these agencies will need OSHC while New Zealand citizens residing in Australia can access Medicare.

Who Provides OSHC and What are the Associated Costs?

The following health funds have been approved by the Australian Government Department of Health:

  • BUPA Australia
  • ahm OSHC
  • Medibank Private
  • Allianz Care Australia (Peoplecare)
  • CBHS International Health

The cost of an OSHC policy is directly related to the type of cover required for student health insurance Australia. The lowest cost for policy cover includes:

  • AUD $478 for 12 months of singles cover
  • $2,600 for 12 months of couples cover
  • $4,200 for 12 months of family cover

International students can have their OSHC organized by their educational institution or purchase it online through the OSHC provider’s website. You may choose to avail an OSHC policy recommended by your institution or with another provider.


Speak to multiple OSHC providers to seek out the best OSHC providers Australia. You must ensure that the level of cover offered by the provider caters to your needs. You may compare different policies to ensure you receive the highest benefits at the lowest costs.

What are the Benefits of OSHC Coverage?
Things covered by OSHC:
  • Visits to the doctor
  • Some hospital treatment
  • Limited pharmaceuticals
  • Ambulance cover
  • Some prosthetic devices
  • Access to private hospitals and day surgeries

Things not covered by OSHC include dental, optical, and physiotherapy treatments (Not covered in basic OSHC but available as ‘extras’).

What is Extra Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)?

Only basic health benefits are offered in the basic OSHC coverage. The extra OSHC gives international students access to services such as dental, optical, and physiotherapy services. We at Advisapro are the best overseas student health cover agent Australia. Get in touch with us to know about all the services available in extra OSHC.

How to Pay for Medical Treatment?

In general, OSHC does cover a major portion of the medical expenses. So, in a situation where you receive a bill for medical treatment, you have two options in front of you. You can pay the bill and get a refund from the OSHC provider, or you can have the bill sent directly to your OSHC healthcare provider for payment.


In the case of pharmaceutical claims, an international student will have to pay for the item at the pharmacy and claim back the amount from the OSHC provider.

The Bottom Line,

Every international student must obtain OSHC for the proposed duration of the student visa. A student will need to renew his/her OSHC if he chooses to extend the length of his visa. So, choose Advisapro as your student health insurance agent Australia and make you obtain your OSHC policy rather easily.