Employer Sponsored Visa(subclass 186)

The subclass 186 visa is a visa of the Australian Government. Candidates must have experience and be skilled workers. In addition, who a resident of the country offers? It enables the applicant to move and work in the country indefinitely. There are three types of this visa. These are labour entry, direct entry, and Temporary residence transition streams.


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Employer-Sponsored Work Visa: What is it?

Sponsorship visa Australia 482 is a permanent visa Australian employers can sponsor experts to work there. This visa needs an offer and approval of trained employment in Australia. You must also have all the proper skills or qualifications to fill that part.


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Employer-Sponsored Visa: 3 Streams

Direct Entry stream

The temporary residence transition stream is not required for this visa, but employers may nominate applicants. But now, with the Adviapro employer visa migration agent, getting a permit is simple. This is because we have years of skill managing all visa types.

The nominating employer must:

  • The fairly and actively working in Australia
  • Meet the proper training needs
  • Have no negative info against it

The nominated position must:

  • Be original position
  • A full-time seat must be available for at least two years after visa issuance
  • Be and occupation listed on CSOL
  • Conditions and terms are similar to those for Australian permanent residents and citizens.

It is necessary for the visa applicant to:

  • A person under the age of 50
  • Be able to speak English well
  • have a successful skill test for your nominated job from the relevant assessing authority
  • 3 years’ experience in a similar field
  • Must meet character and health needs
Transition Stream
Permanent Residence is available to applicants with a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa Subclass 457 with the employer sponsoring their application.
The position must meet the following requirements:
  • Nominated for subclass 457 visa in a similar position
  • It should be a genuine position
  • The full-time position will be available for two years following the grant of the visa.
  • Ensure that salaries and conditions are in line with the market
Nominating employers must:
  • Continue to be legally and actively working
  • Training needs have been met.
  • Have gathered its subclass 457 approval sponsor duties
  • have no lousy info against it

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Agreement Stream for Sponsorship Visa Australia 482
An employer who has negotiated an agreement with the Australian Government must select an applicant for the Labour Agreement stream. This stream needs applicants to meet the conditions under the relevant deal. The requirements include coverage, skills, English proficiency, health, and character. Have any queries, contact us today at Advisapro.
Employer-Sponsored Visa: Benefits
There are many benefits of an employer-sponsored visa. Working in Australia and staying here is possible with this visa. By gaining skills and experience, you can continue working and apply for Permanent Residence and citizenship later. Visas are usually sponsored for jobs requiring no skills tests. The occupation does not have to be listed in the consolidated skilled occupations list of the Australian Government. This will boost their economies. And yet fill a shortage of workers in the Australian region.
Employer-Sponsored Visa: Application process
  1. Employers’ sponsorship applications;
  2. Employees must apply for ENS visas.

Both employers and employees must meet some requirements. In contrast to professional immigration, it is less strict.

Employer-Sponsored Visa: Checklist

Following the 186 Visa Checklist is vital to avoid errors when obtaining a Visa subclass 186.

In the Direct Entry, Labour Entry, and Temporary Residence Transition Stream, the following are same:

  • You must pass the skill assessment test, the English language test. And meet the health and character requirements before applying for it.
  • Get all the necessary documents, including your work experience certificate and ID card.
  • After logging into ImmiAccount, fill out the application form.
  • Make sure you add all the data required to grant the visa.
  • Following the submission of your application, verify if the authority requires additional info
  • Please provide all the necessary details.
  • Await the approval of the visa. Upon acceptance, you will receive an email stating the details.
  • Upon refusal of your application, you will be alerted of the cause.


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