Why should I engage a migration agent with my migration matter?

You may ask:

Lodging a visa application is already a very expensive process, why should I add to this cost by appointing a migration agent when I can do it all on my own?
Only registered migration agents, legal practitioners or an exempt person can lawfully give immigration assistance in Australia.
In Australia, it is illegal for anyone to give migration advice. There are rules about who can help you with immigration assistance. Make sure the person who is helping you is a registered migration agent, a legal practitioner or is on the list of people who are allowed to help you ​(an exempt person).​​​
Registered migration agents:

  • Highly regulated- are bound by a Code of Conduct to act in the interest of their client
  • Licenced by the Department of Home Affairs (MARA)- listed on the Register of Migration Agents on the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) website
  • Access to information & knowledge-are qualified in migration law and procedure
  • Registered Migration Agents are qualified and up-to-date with migration legislation and requirements, so they can provide accurate advice on your visa options and assistance with the preparation and lodgement of your application.
  • have met professional standards relating to knowledge and character