Visitor and Tourist Visa(subclass 600)

For tourists who wish to spend one year or a limited amount of time in Australia, the visitor visa subclass 600 is the best choice. It is a golden option for those who wish to explore the nation and live there for a few months. Visit your family or roommates in Australia with this visa. This visa is temporary and is applicable for a required time only. If your other visa is about to expire, you can apply for this one.


Travelers whose families are financing their flights are suitable for this program. However, those who wish to travel at their own expense can visit Australia. Our visa consultants in Australia at Advisapro will help you get your visa with the least effort. A visitor visa is useful for business travelers. In addition, it is a temporary stay in the country with their costs.

Visitor Visa: Types

There are four sub-classes of visitor visas in subclass 600. With Advisapro, you can obtain your visitor visa Australia without any hassle.

1. Tourist Visa

People who are likely to visit mates and family, or visit Australia for a hobby or a holiday, will need this visa. The visa needs to be approved while you are in Australia if you plan to apply in Australia.

2. Sponsored Family Visa

This visa is mainly for those traveling to Australia to visit their relatives. You must have a sponsor from your relative living in Australia. However, you cannot apply for another visa after you arrive in Australia with this visitor visa.

3. Business Visa

People who are likely to travel to Australia for business visits can apply for this visa. Your business visit includes conferences, negotiations, and meetings.

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Visitor Visa: How to Use It?

The visitor visa permits you to travel throughout Australia on the following condition.
  1. You can tour Australia to visit friends and family or to have a holiday.
  2. When applying for an Australian study course, the time must not exceed three months.
  3. Australia allows you to travel for business while you are there. You do not provide services to or work for any Australian organizations. Australians cannot purchase goods/services from you.

Visitor Visa Checklist for Subclass 600

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  1. The submission form
  2. Fees for the application form
  3. Passport photocopy of bio-data page
  4. An image of yourself (45mm x 35mm)
  5. An original copy of your national identification card
  6. Your nation of abode is proof of your ties
  7. Personal proof of sufficient funds
  8. Employment proof

Visitor Visa: How to Apply?

Australian tourist visa: Apply online

It is the official portal of the Australian DHA. They manage all types of visa forms. Register by providing your personal info and confirming your email address.

Creating an account and logging in are necessary for applying for a visa. Here, it’s an Australian tourist visa.

The second step will direct you to the online visa application form. It will ask questions about your trip, travel time, name and birthday, marital status, and other personal data.
The required documents include travel insurance, passports, and proof of funds.

Once you upload your documents, pay using various credit or debit cards.

The immigration officers will notify you about your visa, whether it is approved or rejected.

You will receive your grant number and access period if your application is approved. Hereafter, you can take out the printout of your visa and take it when you travel to Australia.


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Visitor Visa: Processing Time

An Australian Tourist Visa usually takes a few weeks for your application to be processed. It could only take a few days if you have all the vital papers and requirements.


However, applications have taken months to process in some cases. If you have all your papers and are applying under the suitable events. However, it will depend on your nationality and what other factors you have. Now visitor visa migration agent at Advisapro will help you in obtaining your visitor visa. Our best visa agent Australia is always ready to serve you.

The Bottom Line,

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