Accounting Professional Year Program

Do you have an accounting degree? Are you aiming to follow a job in Australia and get an enriching skill in the competitive positions in a system?


The professional year accounting program can help you achieve your career goals. International students holding an Australian accounting degree can enlist in the professional year accounting Australia. The program offers a track from university to job options in Australia for fresh graduates. Australia’s Department of Home Affairs provides the Professional Year Program as an internship program for skilled migrants. Meet our professional year accounting Sydney experts at Advisapro today.

Accounting Professional Year Program : What is It?

By providing relevant practical training and introducing aspiring students to a potential career path, the PYP promotes the growth of students as professionals. Graduates of Australian universities are eligible to apply.


Upon graduation from the Accounting PYP, graduates may qualify for five migration points from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).


The unique blend of qualified trainers and knowledge in the business world makes Advisapro an approved provider of PYP accounting. As part of your preparation for your professional life in Australia, you will also learn highly focused workplace readiness skills. Need any info about professional year program accounting, contact us today at Advisapro.

Program Structure for Accounting Professional Year Program

It consists of two stages over 44 weeks:

Stage 1: Live Classes

A four-week course is included in each of the eight subjects in the first stage of the accounting professional year Program. Accounting students in Australia learn the skills they need to succeed.

To help you balance your studies and life duties, you must attend training one day per week. Meet our experts at Advisapro and find more info on PYP accounting subjects.

Stage 2: Internship in Accounting for Professionals (Placement)

Putting their knowledge into practice and gaining valuable Australian accounting experience is one of the most exciting aspects of the professional year. Our training placements team organizes a 12-week internship in the accounting area for you. Based on your career goals and training needs, we will tailor your placement. Advisapro’s professional year accounting Sydney experts are available at any time. Get in touch with us today.

Accounting PYP: Entry Requirements

  • An accounting degree requires two years of study in Australia.
  • Subclass 485 Graduate Temporary Visa with a validity of one year.
  • An IELTS score of 6.0 in all skills and at least 6.0 in any one skill or an equivalent English test result.
  • Before beginning the Professional Year Program, students must complete a pre-enrolment interview.
  • The passport must be valid.

Is the course suitable for you but you’re not sure? Then contact our professional year accounting Australia experts at Advisapro. We are the best professional year program accounting experts all over Australia.

Accounting Professional Year Program: Benefits?

Offers internships

Finding a decent job in their field of study in Australia can be challenging for international students. In Australia, the PYP has opened various career paths for international students.
Sometimes, the institute will even place you in an internship during your course. Many candidates who complete a professional year in Australia get a permanent position with the same company.

Your resume will look great if you complete these internships. Other Australian companies may be more likely to hire you as a result.

Introduces you to the Australian workplace

Every country has its standards for professional conduct at work. During a professional year accounting program, specialists teach these tactics. They also keep in mind your future career prospects.

They demonstrate professional behavior at work, enhance your skills, and teach you how to communicate. Keeping a balance between business and personal life is possible in this way.

Networks and socializes

Additionally, your professional network will expand. Choosing a famous institute in Australia will also help you grow your social network. As part of the PYP, you meet people who share same interests.

Building your knowledge base will be easier if you surround yourself with like-minded people.

Get 5 extra points for PR

You earn 5 points for completing the Professional Year Program. And it is required to apply for Australian permanent residency.

Advisapro experts will help you to get more info on PYP.

Documents Checklist

  • An updated resume and cover letter in Microsoft Word
  • Academic transcripts certified by the university
  • Language proficiency proof
  • Photocopy of your passport in color
  • Copy of the 485 Skilled Graduate Visa
  • A passport-sized color photograph
  • The governing body’s letter of assessment

The Bottom Line

Professional Year program has many benefits. The course is essential for those seeking PR in Australia and needing a good job. Advisapro Professional year program accounting experts will help you. We can offer you with more details when you call us.