Partner Visa: Get a Thorough Insight on This

Australia is a nation of goals for many business people, aces, and young students from all over the world who intend to settle there. Settlers find the cheap cost of residence and easy work are aspects of living in Australia. The main reason is that English is Australia’s official language. With Advisapro, getting a partner visa in Australia is not a difficult task. We are the best partner visa consultants all over Australia. Contact our partner visa migration agent.

What is a Partner/Spouse Visa?

Couples who are engaged, married, planning to get married, or living together de facto may apply for a partner visa. The term “relationship” includes the concept of same-sex relationships. For a partner visa, your spouse must be a permanent local or an Australian national.


The best visa option may depend on your relationship’s nature, status, and place when you apply. We are the best partner visa Australia consultants at Advisapro. With us, meeting your partners is not very hard.

Partner Visa for Australia: Requirements

An Australian spouse visa application must take into account a number of factors. But with Advisapro, applying for a spouse visa Australia is not at all difficult. We are the best partner visa consultants all over Australia.
  • Spouse Visa Australia applicants must be in a genuine, long-term relationship.
  • It is a permanent relationship between you and your spouse.
  • The last 12 months of your relationship must be a spouse relationship. That record needs to be presented.

2 Kinds of Partner Visas: 820 and 801

The partner visa 820 is only valid for a short period of time. It is possible to work and live in Australia for two years while you await your PR application. It is also called an onshore spouse visa because you can apply for it while living in Australia. Two years after receiving this visa, you become fit for permanent residency and can settle in Australia forever.


The Australian partner visa 801 is a permanent citizen visa, work, study, trip, and even later apply for Australian citizenship.


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Partner Visa Subclass 309 and Subclass 100

Take the example of being outside Australia at the moment. Your partner or spouse is an Australian, and you’d like to move there to join them. A partner visa 309 is available in that case. You can travel to Australia on the subclass 309 visa, which is temporary. And you have to wait for about two years until you become fit for permanent residency.


A partner visa 100 is necessary for becoming a forever tenant of Australia. Meet our experts on partner visa 309 and 100 at Advisapro. They have years of knowledge in handling all types of visas.

Prospective marriage visa (subclass 300)

Prospective Marriage Visas (Subclass 300) are available to foreigners who want to marry Australians. With this temporary visa, you can enter Australia and marry there. With your spouse, you can permanently settle in Australia after your wedding.


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Temporary Spouse Visa: Benefits

  1. In the interim, you can live with your partner in Australia.
  2. Working in Australia is also possible. We will ensure you don’t face any hassle in the process.
  3. You can learn in Australia, but not get an administration allowance.
  4. You can get Australia as medical help costs and Hospital care schemes.

Spouse Permanent Visa: Benefits

  1. With this visa, you can stay forever in Australia with your partner.
  2. In Australia, you can study and work.
  3. You can get Australia as medical benefits payments and Hospital care schemes.
  4. A special social security payment may be available to you.
  5. The Australian citizenship application process is open to you.


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Spouse Visa in Australia: Processing Time

Australia Spouse Visa applications take between 15 and 28 months, depending on the category. An Australian PR or New Zealand Citizen holder must apply for this visa. As a first step, a temporary visa will be issued.


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The Bottom Line,

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