Parents Visa Australia: Get the Complete Solution

Migrating to Australia from any corner of the globe can be the dream of many students, job seekers, and entrepreneurs. Here is good news for the parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents to get the facility. The decision of making the family blessed with parents and also with relaxation is a big celebration. Advisapro assists you with all required formalities supported by the best services. The parents visa Australia is not a major concern with parents visa consultants Australia. Feel free to contact our parents visa migration agent.

What is a Parents Visa?

The Australian PR holder citizens can call their parents to Australia with the help of parent’s visas. The PR holders can sponsor a PR visa through Australia Parents Migration Visa. Even though it is not an easy process but with the experts’ assistance, you can accomplish the task. Just like Partner Visa has some conditions, a parent’s visa also needs to follow a certain set of rules.


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Parents Visa Australia: Requirements

Application for the parent’s visa can make your move through a diverse set of factors. With Advisapro, applying for the parent’s migration visa is not difficulty level. We are the best parents visa consultants, Australia around Australia.

  • The parents must be PR holders or a citizen or permanent residents who is living in Australia for two years at least before the submission of the visa application.
  • Applicants have to clear the balance of family test criteria.
  • In both the cases of non-contributory and contributory parents visas, the primary applicant must be 66 years old.
  • Applications for permanent category visas need Assurance of support or AOS. It is a commitment to return any income support provided to the visa holder mainly the initial stay time in Australia. Even the support period for AOS differs with Visa types and the counting starts from the day visa is granted.
  • Applicant must have a genuine sponsor with financial stability proof.
  • Passport history with travel must be transparent.
  • Applicants have to clear the character and health criteria.

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Two Types of Parent's Migration Visa :

Contributory parent visa:

It is less time-consuming PR visa processing for approx.5 to 6 years based on the case of the applicant.

Non Contributory parent visa:

This is a PR-concerned visa that embraces a less fee but indefinite visa processing duration. Parents can opt for better services and guidance to choose the better subclass under 600. Here they will acquire a visiting visa that may be for 18 or more or less as per the case.


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Parents Visa Subclasses

The respective parents’ visa subclasses are listed below with their limitations :
  • Contributory Parents Visa 143 (Permanent subclass): This subclass or parents visa 143 permits the parents of a permanent resident or Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia permanently.
  • Contributory Parents Visa 173 (Temporary subclass): The parents’ visa 173 allows the parents of a permanent resident or Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia for a short time or temporarily.
  • Parents Visa 103 (Permanent subclass): This parents visa 103 grants permission to the parents of a permanent resident or Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia permanently.
  • Aged Parents Visa 804: The subclass Parents Visa 804 allows the aged parents to live in Australia in case more of their children live in Australia than in another country.

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Permanent parent visa: Benefits
  1. Applicant can live in Australia on a PR for an indefinite period.
  2. You can apply for citizenship.
  3. You can live and work in Australia. We will ensure you a hassle-free journey to work.
  4. you can enroll in the Australian healthcare scheme.
  5. You will be eligible to sponsor relatives to bring them to Australia.
Temporary Parent Visa: Benefits
  1. Parents who came here on this visa can reapply for visa 870 and can stay further for ten years on approval.
  2. You are not allowed to work on this visa in Australia but can stay.

The Bottom Line,

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