AAT Appeals & Reviews

  • If your visa has been refused or cancelled, as registered migrant agents, we may be able to assist you to appeal against the Department’s decision at the Tribunal and give you a successful outcome. We will work with competence, professionalism, and ethics to present your appeal case in the best possible way to maximize your chances of success.
  • You may be able to appeal your visa refusal, visa cancellation, business sponsorship or nomination application refusal to the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal).
  • The role of the Tribunal is to review the Department’s decision for refusing your application (or cancelling your visa), and re-decide if the Department’s decision was correct. The relevant Tribunal Member will assess and decide if your application satisfies the relevant legal requirements for approval. The AAT can make a decision in your favor and decide that the Department’s decision is incorrect and send the matter back to the Department for reconsideration. If the matter is sent back to the Department for reconsideration, generally speaking, the Department will grant the visa or revoke the visa cancellation.