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Many people dream of studying, doing a job, and settling down in the beautiful cities of Australia. To gain an Australian visa, you need to determine your English potential. IELTS is one of the popular English tests and is accepted by all universities, educational organizations, and professional institutions all over Australia.

IELTS Test score holds extreme importance for the applicant applying for a visa to Australia. The IELTS test checks your English potential through your four skills – listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

IELTS Practice tests help you to enhance your skills according to the test technique. Timed practice sessions can help you in completing your real test in time with the desired results.

IELTS online mock tests are completely based on the latest pattern of the IELTS test, and provide real-time experience to the aspirants.

The IETS practice tests Lakemba helps the candidate to get familiar with the test format, get an adequate understanding of the IELTS test pattern, and learn how to complete the test in time. We offer a demo class as well and if the student is satisfied then they can pay fees and start a regular bench.

Improve the Efficiency and Score of Your EXAM with the
IELTS Online Mock Tests

If you are an IELTS aspirant, you must take the IELTS online practice test during the preparation for your exams. IELTS training online helps you to create a benchmark for yourself and know your performance during the test. Aspirants get a legit understanding of the key points on which they need to work on.

The IELTS exam sample test consists of four test formats. The listening test, Writing test, General reading test, and lastly speaking test.

IELTS Listening Test - Get the First Step Right!

The Maximum number of people who failed the IELTS listening test is because they did not understand the test format completely! That’s where the IELTS practice test comes to the rescue!

The IELTS Listening mock test’s format is identical to the real one. So you can get through the real test easily.

The Listening test as per the IELTS test format is for 30 Minutes, you get an extra 10 minutes to transfer your answers into the paper. The test consists of four recordings in which the candidate listens to give the answers to the questions accordingly.

The Four Recordings are of Native English Speakers:

Recording 1 consists of a conversation between two people about social context. While the Second recording is a monologue on any local facilities. Recording 3rd will be a conversation between two to four people discussing educational topics. And the 4th recording will be of one person talking about academics or an academic subject.

The Main Purpose of the IELTS Listening Test is to Know How Well You:

  • Comprehend key concepts and precise factual facts.
  • Recognise a speaker’s viewpoints, stances, and objectives.
  • Monitor an argument’s progression.

The Listening test module is the same as the Academic and General Training module.

The IELTS Listening practice test can help you polish up your listening skills. The prime advantage of the IELTS exam sample test is that your skills get into shape until the real game is on!

Let Your Reading Test be a Smooth Sailing Ride

The Second part of the IELTS test is the reading test.

The purpose of the IELTS Reading test is to evaluate a variety of reading abilities, including your proficiency.

  • Read a section to get an idea of it.
  • Read to catch the main points.
  • Read carefully to decipher the hidden meaning and conclusions.
  • Follow the flow of an argument to identify the writer’s viewpoints, attitudes, and goals.

The reading tests for the Academic and general training modules are different.

The IELTS General Reading Test Format:

The IELTS general reading test is for 60 minutes and includes 40 questions. The test comprises three parts. Part 1 has two or more two shorter texts. While part 2 has two texts, and the last part has one long text.

The general reading test questions have many different types of tasks. There are tasks like multiple choice, identifying the writer’s view, completing the sentence, completing the summary, and many more.

These different types of tasks make it very important for every aspirant to take general reading practice tests. The IELTS online practice tests can help you get distinct reading skills for your IELTS test.

The IELTS Academic Reading Test Format:

The IELTS academic reading test format is usually the same as the general reading test. Only the content of the academic test. There are three sections of long texts of 2000+ words. Texts can be of different styles like narrative, descriptive, or argument.

Just like the general reading test, the Academic test consists of different types of tasks. The IELTS reading practice test helps you score high marks in the IELTS test.

The IELTS Academic Reading Test Format:

The IELTS Writing test is created to evaluate the aspirant’s writing abilities, including the ability to
  • Create a suitable response.
  • Organize concepts.
  • Accurately utilize a wide range of vocabulary and grammar.

The IELTS Writing test is different for the Academic and the General Training modules.

For the academic writing test, there are two tasks. For task 1, there will be a graph or a table, and you have to describe the graph and the process that is going on. And for task 2, you will have to write an essay on the given view or argument.

There are two tasks in the general training writing test. The first task will be to write a letter in a given situation. And in the second task, you will be asked to write an essay.

The IELTS practice writing test is crucial for aspirants longing to get outstanding results in the IELTS exam.

Shine Out in the IELTS Speaking Test

Proficiency in English is what matters the most in the IELTS test. The IELTS practice test will make your speaking test go smoothly during the real test.

The IELTS speaking test is the same for the Academics and the General Training modules. Aspirants need more practice for the speaking test as it is a face-to-face interview between the examiner and the candidate.

For the speaking test, fluency, pronunciation, coherence, and grammar matter the most to score in the IELTS Speaking exam.

As they say – “Practice makes a man perfect!” The IELTS online practice test modules in Sydney will help you shine in the IELTS speaking test!