Graduate Work Visa(subclass 485)

Students holding a student visa within the past six months are eligible for an Australia to graduate temporary visa. It is easy to get a graduate work visa. It quickly accesses applicants since most students have already had a great time in Australia. Advisapro will help you by using your graduate work visa. We will help you with Temporary Graduate Visa 485 application.


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Graduate Work Visa: What is It?

It is an 18-month visa open to international students who finish their studies in Australia taking two academic years or more. In addition to studying in Australia, it’s also a great opportunity to stay in Australia after graduation. It also allows those who are looking to stay in Australia forever. Either via employer sponsorship for general skilled migration.


There is only an 18-month validity period on this visa. It has full study rights and full work rights. The validity of this visa permits you to trek anywhere in Australia. Advisapro will help you get a temporary graduate visa after finishing your course. They are the best graduate work visa agent in Australia.

Graduate Work Visa Australia: Requirements

There are many conditions for applying for a graduate work visa. But do not worry. If you have any problems, then meet the experts of Temporary Graduate Visa 485 in Australia.

  1. Australian study requirements must be met by the applicant.
  2. It is only open to people below the age of 50.
  3. English language testing is required of all applicants. In all four sections, you must score at least a competent level.
  4. Student visas must be valid or expiring within six months. At the time of application, they should possess a valid bridging visa.
  5. They must undergo a Skill evaluation test for their field before the visa application is processed.
  6. They should meet the character essentials,
  7. Should not have any debt with the Australian government
  8. Should have the latest capability in a CRICOS- registered course.

Temporary Graduate Work Visa: Benefits

Any student who has graduated recently from an Australian education and institution can apply for this visa. Graduate work visas, however, offer many benefits. If you need help with a temporary graduate visa, don’t miss any chance to get help from a graduate work visa agent at Advisapro.

  1. The person with the subclass 485 visa can bring their family to Australia under the same permit.
  2. Even without a sponsoring employee, a person can stay in Australia.
  3. A person can use the stay time to look for work or a job in Australia. In the event that they intend to apply for an Australian permanent visa and immigrate there.
  4. A person can stay in Australia for up to two years under this visa, and they can search for a new job during this time.
  5. Australia allows master’s degree holders to stay for three years. They can live for four years if they have a PhD degree.
  6. This visa would benefit students, as they can gain work knowledge in this country. Earning more points in Australia’s point-based immigration system will help them get permanent residence soon.

If you want to get more about subclass 485 visas, contact the Advisapro graduate visa agent.

Australia Graduate Work Visa Application Process?

You can apply for the visa by keeping in mind the instructions.

To obtain a temporary graduate work visa, you have to apply online. To submit a successful application, you must have an ImmiAccount. This online platform will give you step-by-step details on how to apply. Need more help? Reach the Advisapro graduate visa consultant.


You will also find a full list of needed documents you must submit for your visa application. Also, make sure you select the visa stream carefully when applying. However, you cannot change the stream after you apply. If you need help opening the ImmiAccount, take the help of a graduate visa consultant in Australia.

After selecting the visa 485 stream, you can continue with the next part of attaching your documents with the application. You must submit scanned copies of your original documents with online applications.

To get your application process further, you must submit the application fee. However, paying fees online is best, and you will see the option of payment in the ImmiAccount.

Payment should be made before submitting the application. Please make sure you apply on time. The Graduate visa migration agent is always available to solve your queries.

Temporary Graduate Visa: Processing Time

This visa processing will take around 10 to 13 months. However, according to the Australian government, the post-study work stream visa will take 17 to 14 months to process. Avisapro graduate visa migration agent will help you whenever you need us. We are the best graduate visa agent in Australia.

The Bottom Line,

Are you searching for the best 485 visa consultant? Just reach out to the Advisapro. We are the best graduate visa consultant Australia. And We have years of knowledge in handling all types of visas. Throughout the application process, we will assist you.