Exploring Your Options: How to Secure a Temporary Graduate Visa in Australia?

The temporary graduate visa in Australia generally allows one to stay in Australia for work post-graduation. This visa has four important streams: graduate, post-study, second post-study, and replacement. 

How to Secure a Temporary Graduate Visa in Australia?

Below mentioned are some of the key points associated with securing a temporary graduate visa in Australia: 

1) Eligibility 

To be eligible to apply for the temporary graduate visa, you need to,

  • Be below 50 years of age.
  • Hold a legal visa to Australia. 
  • Qualify for a course that is CRICOS registered.

2) Do you Need to Complete an English Test for a Temporary Graduate Visa?

You might need evidence of English proficiency as a vital part of applying for a graduate visa in Australia. You can take an IELTS exam for migration, study, or work in any of the Australian IELTS test centers. For this, you can consult any migration agent Australia

3) Applying for a Temporary Graduate Visa 

Applications can be conveniently made online at the Department of Home Affairs in Australia. You need to have all the necessary documents handy while ensuring that the payment is made as soon as possible. 

4) Estimated Fee Structure and Processing Time 

The overall cost of applying for a temporary graduate visa in Australia highly varies with each workstream type. The processing time also depends upon the workstream you are opting for. Make sure to consult a good migration agent Australia. 

5) For Graduate Work Stream

This visa is generally for international students who have graduated recently and have all the relevant qualifications and skills according to Australia. This visa lets you study and work in Australia temporarily. You can stay for up to 18 months to 24 months, according to amendments made in December 2021. 

Further, in case you hold a British or gong king passport, you might stay in Australia for five years temporarily. The overall cost starts from AUD 1,730, and the processing time is 72 days for 25% of the applications, five months for 50%, and 13 months for over 90%. 

6) Post-Study Work Visa 

This visa is only for those foreign pupils who have graduated from an Australian university. This visa helps the individuals to work, live and study in the nation on a temporary basis. Further, with this temporary visa, you can stay in the nation for between 2 to 4 years, depending upon your qualification. 

Besides, people having a British national overseas passport may stay for over five years. The total cost would be AUDI 1,730, and the processing time for 25%, 50%,75%, and 90% of the applications will range from 79 days, four months, ten months, and 15 months, respectively. 

7) Second Post-Study Work Stream

Owners of Temporary Graduate visas who received their degree from an Australian university in a rural area are eligible for this visa. You can temporarily reside, work, and study in Australia. With the help of this visa, you can stay for between 1 to 2 years, depending upon the regional location of the university you graduated from. The overall cost would be AUD 680, and the processing times are not estimated. 

8) Replacement Work Stream

Current and previous Temporary Graduate visas who ran out of time on their initial visa owing to COVID-19 travel restrictions are eligible for this visa. It enables you to temporarily reside, work, and study in Australia. You can stay between 18 months to 5 years, and you’ll also receive a grant period with an exception for those previously granted a post-study work visa. Further, individuals having a high king or British overseas visa can stay for up to 5 years. The cost starts from AUD 1,730. 

Final Conclusion

Gaining temporary graduate visas is not a hectic task. You need to abide by all the guidelines and requirements, and you’ll easily achieve the visa. To consult more about the temporary graduate visa for Australia, you can consult AdvisaPro for the best advice, who is an expert migration agent in Australia.

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