The Benefits of Hiring a Partner Visa Agent for a Stress-Free Application

When you apply for a partner visa for Australia, you will want the process to be smooth and stress-free. However, you will need to know about all the requirements and meet them successfully.

Visa requirements are ever-changing, and it is hard for an ordinary person to stay updated. That is why you will need the help of a reliable partner visa agent.

How Can Partner Visa Agent Help in Your Visa Applications?

Know About the Requirements

One of the most important things to know while applying for a partner visa is your eligibility. According to the rule, only de facto couples, along with those who are married or about to get married, can apply for such a visa. 

In addition, there are also several other requirements to meet successfully, some of which are the same for de facto and married partner visas and prospective marriage visas, while some are different.

These include:

  • Sponsorship requirement, which is applicable for both.
  • While onshore and offshore are applicable for de factor and married partner visas, prospectives can apply for offshore visas only.
  • The de facto and married partner visas are usually permanent, but the prospective marriage visas are valid for nine months only.
  • Though the work and study rights are identical for both kinds of visas, the former has to be in a married or de facto relationship. And the key criterion of the prospectives is that they must be honestly envisioned to marry. 
  • Married and de factor couples need to register their relationship with the state government, but the prospectives need to serve a notice for their marriage.   

Most importantly, your relationship and eligibility should be up to the set standards for immigration. All these are quite a hassle, and it is a trusted partner visa agent who can make it simple. 

Different Types

Once you meet the eligibility standards, you can apply for your partner visa. There are different types of partner visas available in Australia, such as:

  • Partner Visa 820
  • Partner Visa 801
  • Partner Visa 309
  • Partner Visa 300
  • Partner Visa 100

These have different requirements, application processes, time frame, and document requirements. You will be better off if you seek help from a reliable Visa Consultant Australia to learn more about each of these types. 

Services Offered

A partner visa agent will offer a varied range of services. They will be your single point of contact, and you will not have to run from pillar to post to get your partner visa application approved.

Depending on the type of partner visa you wish to apply for, in their first meeting, the agent will gather all relevant information and document requirements for faster and more effective case management. 

This will create a road map to ensure that the pathway from application to grant of the visa is smooth. Some of the vital information and factors considered are:

  • The key dates and points of eligibility
  • Relevant notice for registration and
  • Evidence of relationship.

Based on the findings and the information obtainable to the agent, they will develop the best and most effective strategy to lodge the application and offer personalized guidance.

They will review the documents to ensure they meet the desired standards, check policies and health, and handle all dealing with the immigration department on your behalf.


While looking for a partner visa agent, make sure that you research well and hire a reliable agent. This will offer you complete peace of mind. 

Also, make sure that they are full-service agents so that they can take care of all the necessary aspects, including application, registration, document requirements and scrutiny, and more.

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