Exploring the Benefits of the Temporary Graduate Visa 485

A common choice for international students who want to spend some time in Australia after finishing their studies is the Temporary Graduate Visa 485. Depending on their qualifications, it allows individuals to reside, learn, and employ in Australia for up to four years.

This visa is intended to assist graduates in gaining significant work experience in Australia, which can increase their chances of being accepted for other Australian passports, such as employer-sponsored or skilled migration visas. 

The Australian Migration Services is in charge of the Temporary Graduate Visa 485, which offers graduates several advantages like access to Medicare and the capacity to invite family members to Australia.

What is a Temporary Graduate Visa 485?

The 485 visas are intended for international students who have recently finished college in Australia and are interested in staying there to get significant work experience.

Fresh graduates may stay, learn, or operate in Australia with this TR visa if they possess the necessary abilities to find employment in various industries.

The 485 visa comes in two streams:

  1. Graduate temporary work visa
  2. Workstream after studies

Benefits of a Temporary Graduate Visa 485 :

A temporary graduate visa can be obtained and has several benefits. Let’s examine what this form of access can provide you.

  • It grants you the authority to work

You can pursue employment in sectors of the Australian economy wherever your talents are needed if you have a graduated temporary visa and the necessary skill evaluation for 485 access.

This temporary graduate visa 485 allows you to get valuable job knowledge in the field of study even though it isn’t quite a work permit.

Your professional ambitions can be attained through the 44-week Career Year Course, which also helps you get ready for full-time work in various industries.

  • It allows you to pursue additional education

Also, a temporary graduate 485 visa allows you to continue your studies for as long as the passport is valid, and it is generally for 18 months. This implies you can enroll in other professions or pursue a university program.

  • You may travel to and then leave your country

Traveling to and returning to Australia is another advantage of the temporary graduate 485 visa. Based on your country, the visa period, which ranges from 18 months to 5 years, allows you to use this advantage.

Other advantages of Temporary Graduate 485 Visa

Any Australian citizen who has completed their studies may apply for this visa, which offers the following other advantages to its holders:

  • A holder of visa category 485 may bring their family to Australia on the same document.
  • A person may use the time of their stay to hunt for employment, engage in work while in Australia, and, if they choose, apply for a more permanent visa and immigrate to Australia.
  • So under temporary graduate subclass 485, a student can stay in Australia for at least two years while also looking for work during this time.

The most reputable immigration consultant, such as ADVISAPRO, can provide additional information on the temporary graduate visa 485 or any other visas for Australia.


The Temporary Graduate Visa 485 is a popular choice for international students who want to stay in Australia after completing their studies. It offers several benefits, including working in various industries and pursuing additional education for up to 18 months. 

The visa also allows for travel to and from Australia, and holders can bring their families. The Australian Migration Services manage this visa, and consulting reputable immigration consultants such as ADVISAPRO can provide additional information on this visa or any other Australian visas. 

Overall, the Temporary Graduate Visa 485 provides a valuable opportunity for graduates to gain work experience and potentially apply for more permanent visas.