How to Boost Processing Time of Temporary Graduate Visa 485?

Suppose you want to apply for the 485 Visa and do not have enough ideas to take the process. Then you can follow the below guide, which provides ideas about How to Boost the Processing Time of Temporary Graduate Visa 485.

Most students wish to stay in Australia after completing their education and must apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa 485 to live in Australia once they complete their studies. To apply for a temporary graduate visa, follow the below ideas to complete it more safely.

Temporary Graduate Visa 485

It is a short-term visa which applies to an international student who wants to graduate from Australia. This Visa 485 lets them to live, and students can live and work in any part of Australia. Then you must live in Australia for up to 18 months.

The respective government temporarily developed to start the period of up to 24 months for visas granted from one December 2021. After having Hong Kong and British national overseas passport, you must stay for five years in this country. Hence, you can hire us to apply for the 485 visas anytime.

Apart from that, people can apply for a temporary graduate visa when they are below 50. Once again, ensure that you have held a student visa of 500 in the previous 6 months before applying for this Visa 485. 

How to Boost Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Process Time?

The essential ideas to boost the visa 485 processing time are to fulfil the eligibility criteria and ensure and submit the important document with the visa application. Home affairs refuse to process the application when you fail to submit any document. Hence, you must fill out the exact details asked in the application. 

The respective person has to pay a charge for applying for the 485 visas, and without paying the money for this visa fee, you are not applicable to apply for the visa. The Department of Home Affairs will contact you with further information. On completing this process, the visa will be handed over to the customer before the expected. 

Processing time of Temporary Graduate Visa 485

When you want additional temporary graduates through this visa and the Department of Home affairs method, complete this application for this Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Australia.

 Common process:

  • Around 25% of applications within nine month 
  • Around 50% of applications within ten month 
  • 75% of applications within ten months
  • 90% of applications within 12 months.

When you come to fill out the application in a proper manner and Department of Home Affairs will complete the application process in a faster manner. Hence, you must make sure that the 485-visa checklist is.

Steps to apply for Temporary Graduate Visa 485

You can follow the steps below when you are new and don’t have any idea about how to apply. 

  • People have to create an account to your ImmiAccount 
  • People need to attach the entire document and the application and check out the checklist for a temporary graduate 485 visa. 
  • Even then, family members apply along with you, and then you must pay the application fee and need to attach their documents. 
  • People must pay the visa charges, and the Department of Home affair never finalize the application without paying the total fees. 

Temporary replacement visa:

If you want to replace 485 visas, then Home affairs department is ready, but the travel restriction must impact the international student who can access this replacement visa. 

This visa stream will acknowledge out-of-country students demonstrated toward Australia. It gives comprehend the interruption to schedule to meet by Covid -19.

To become qualified for replacement 485 temporary graduated Vis a, then you must have come everyday things which are listed below 

  • Applicant must keep or possession of Temporary Graduate Visa 485, which expire on February 1st 2020 
  • If you want to move outside Australia from February 1 to December 15, 2021.

Step to know whether temporary 485 is approved or not:

Home affairs decide on the 485 visa application, and it must know how to write. When granting you the temporary graduate visa and which offers the with your such 

  • Visa grant number 
  • Visa conditions 
  • Date when your visa starts

When you apply for the visa is refused, and then Home affairs need to know. Then it provides clear ideas about why is refused the application. Hence, you need to apply for such a visa with a great chance of approval, and you can feel free to contact them at any time and get ideas about it.

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