Steps for Applying Australian Visitor Visa

Since 2015 Australia has stopped issuing visa labels for passports, so now all visa records are available in the VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) service. Nowadays, online application is more feasible for storing all your data, and the reviewing process is more straightforward. 

Regardless, some governments (or visa types) may not be qualified for the online application, and in those circumstances, a paper application via an embassy has to be presented. For every type of application, there are straightforward guidelines you must observe when applying for a permit or visa. Everyone can apply for an Australian visitor visa in two various ways:

·     Online application

·     Paper application

Steps for Applying Australian Visitor Visa

1. Create an online account

2. Select the visa type

3. Fill in the Australian visa form

4. Attach the required documents

5. Pay the application fee

6.  Apply

1) Create an Online Account

The first thing you must do if you desire to involve in an Australian visitor visa is available through an individual online account at the authorized website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs. You can open the report free of cost, and you have to enter your private information, set up a password, and verify your account via email. 

The online service allows you to manage your application, attach papers, and track your visa review procedure. There is also a chance to open an organizational account if the applicant is:

· A migration agent (registered)

· From an organization

· From a sponsoring company

2) Select the Visa Type

There are numerous Australian visitor visa varieties you can select from. These will mainly vary depending on your visit, and you can apply for a tourist visa, a student visa, a work visa, etc.

3) Fill in the Australian Visa Form

For each kind of visa, there are various application forms. Once you choose the visa type, you can resume filling in the form. In the document, you have to put down your personal information (name, birthdate, marriage status, etc.), why you want to go to Australia, how long you plan on staying, and so on. Every individual must have a separate application form if they are applying with family members/friends.

4) Attach the Required Documents

For the online application, how do you attach papers:

1. Select the option “attach a document.”

2. Select to who you are attaching the document.

3. Select the reason why you are attaching this document.

4. Select the type of document.

5. Name the file.

6. Select attach.

There is a separate section for attaching pictures. You have to initially select the option “attach a passport photo” when you want to upload photos. The required documents for an Australian visa differ according to your visa type, but the general requirements include a passport, identity pictures, travel insurance, financial statements, etc. Make sure your records are scanned colored copies.

6) Pay the Application Fee

The visa costs for Australia change relying on the visa. However, you must pay the application fee before submitting your application. Otherwise, your application won’t be processed. The online application permits you to produce the fee via different means. You can spend with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

7) Submit the Application

Once you complete these steps, you can submit your application. The ImmiAccount permits you to go around and contact the Australian authorities if something has been modified. For example, if your address has changed, you can inform the Department of Foreign Affairs through the account. 

You can follow the visa application procedure through the account. While the processing time varies, as each application is different, you may receive a visa within a few days if there are no issues.

How to Know You Received a Visa for Australia?

The Australian authorities will inform you by email or post whether you’ve received a visa. If you involve online, you can check the quality of your visa application. When it says “completed, “you know your application has exhausted being processed, and you will receive an answer soon. 

You will receive the answer either by email or post for writing applications. If the Australian Immigration headquarters can’t contact you by any opportunity, they will announce a nearby embassy.

What If My Australia Visa Application is Rejected?

If your visa application is denied, you have 28 days to argue why your visa rejection should revoke. The time limit for refusal will depend on what type of visa you applied for, and you should find all the information on how to appeal in your rejection letter. You may bar from receiving another Australian visitor visa, depending on why your visa was denied.