How Does Resident Return Visa Subclass 157 Open Doors for Returning Residents?

In an era of increasing globalization, individuals often find themselves moving across borders for various reasons, such as work, education, or personal pursuits. However, for those who have previously called Australia home and wish to return after an extended stay overseas, the Resident Return Visa Subclass 157 becomes a crucial gateway to re-establishing residency in the Land Down Under.

Understanding the Resident Return Visa Subclass 157

The Resident Return Visa (RRV) Subclass 157 is designed specifically for former Australian permanent residents or individuals who have been granted a Resident Return Visa in the past. This visa is instrumental for those who have stayed outside of Australia for an extended period, as it allows them to return and regain their permanent resident status.

Key Eligibility Criteria of Resident Return Visa Subclass 157

To be eligible for the Resident Return Visa Subclass 157, applicants must meet certain criteria. This includes having spent a significant period as a permanent resident in Australia, maintaining strong ties to the country, or demonstrating substantial business or cultural connections. It’s important to emphasize that individuals applying for this visa subclass should have been lawful residents in Australia previously.

How does the Resident Return Visa 157 Work?

The Resident Return Visa 157 is not a permanent residency visa on its own; rather, it serves as a pathway for former residents to re-enter Australia and maintain or reinstate their permanent resident status. This visa is typically granted for a short-term period, allowing individuals to return to Australia while they make arrangements to re-establish themselves.

Processing and Validity

The processing time for the Resident Return Visa Subclass 157 can vary, but applicants are encouraged to apply well in advance of their intended return date. Once granted, the visa allows holders to stay in Australia for up to three months at a time over the visa’s validity period, which is usually five years.

The Benefits of Resident Return Visa 157

  • Reconnecting with Australia

The Resident Return Visa Subclass 157 offers former residents the opportunity to reconnect with the Australian way of life. Returning residents can rediscover the vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes, and diverse communities that make Australia a unique and welcoming place to call home.

  • Restoring Permanent Residency

For those whose permanent residency has lapsed due to extended stays overseas, the Resident Return Visa Subclass 157 provides a means to restore this status. This is particularly valuable for individuals who plan to settle in Australia for the long term and wish to enjoy the benefits of being a permanent resident.

  • Maintaining Ties and Relationships

Many individuals who have previously lived in Australia have established important personal and professional ties during their time in the country. The Resident Return Visa Subclass 157 allows them to maintain these connections and resume their contributions to the Australian community.

  • Business and Career Opportunities

Returning residents may find that the Resident Return Visa Subclass 157 opens doors to new business and career opportunities in Australia. Whether resuming a previous position or starting a new venture, this visa facilitates the process of reintegration into the Australian workforce.

Applying for the Resident Return Visa 157

The application process for the Resident Return Visa Subclass 157 involves providing evidence of ties to Australia, demonstrating the need to travel, and showcasing any compelling reasons for a prolonged absence. Additionally, applicants must ensure that they meet health and character requirements as stipulated by the Australian immigration authorities.

It is advisable to seek professional advice or engage an immigration consultant to navigate the application process successfully. These experts can provide guidance on gathering the necessary documentation, understanding eligibility criteria, and ensuring a smooth application process.


In conclusion, the Resident Return Visa Subclass 157 plays a pivotal role in facilitating the return of former Australian permanent residents. By unlocking the doors to re-establishing residency, this visa subclass allows individuals to reconnect with the Australian way of life, restore their permanent resident status, and explore new opportunities in the land they once called home. For those seeking to return to Australia after an extended stay abroad, the Resident Return Visa Subclass 157 stands as a key enabler for a seamless and successful homecoming.