Advisapro – Simplify Your Australian Visa Process with Our Help

Acquiring an Australian visa can be quite challenging, specifically in the current scenario with the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic. Even if you are opting for a student visa, getting hold of it on time is only possible with the assistance of a visa agent in Australia. At Advisapro, we provide commodities that are always updated regarding the present application procedure. 

A student must get their visa on time, and Advisapro ensures the same. We are also in touch with the assigned authority with speeds up your visa application process. There is a certain situation where the immigration department may seek some additional documents. 

This can be quite a hindrance and a delay to your Australian visa procedure. So, an assisting service will always benefit you in gaining the Australian visa without disrupting that too on time.

How can an Advisapro – visa agent in Australia help students get an Australian visa?

The Australia student visa application relies upon three things- one’s age, perusing course and the planned duration of their stay in Australia. With these three main reliabilities, one moves forward with their visa application procedure. The first thing one needs to do to acquire an Australian Visa is to enroll in the official portal. 

One enters their country of origin and subsequently receives a list of requirements depending upon the base country. The requirements may seem overwhelming as you can easily opt for help from visa agent Australia.

Now depending upon your circumstance, you might require to:

  • Appear for a visa interview
  • Give proof that you have no criminal records
  • Present your documents
  • Sit for a medical examination.

The Australian student visa application interaction can differ depending on your nationality, as every country has its own set of rules. It is ideal to begin the application cycle when you get the acknowledgment letter from one of the Australian colleges where you wish to study.

Rundown of Australia student visa procedure:

Stage 1: 

First, you need to register and apply to an Australian educational university of choice. On being shortlisted and receiving the acceptance letter, you need to pay the tuition fee and collect the OSHC to kick-start your Australia visa procedure.

Stage 2: 

Next, collect all the required documents. These may include:

  • Verification of foreign student health coverage (OSHC)
  • Police verified background checks from the home country.
  • The acceptance letter.
  • Your report card of the educational tests like IELTS, PTE etc.
  • Financial documents like income certificates and proof of funds.
  • GTE required documents like an application stating your cause of visiting Australia in one quick visit.
  • Additional documents may also be required, but they only are confirmed by the authorities or your visa agent in Australia.

Stage 3: 

Pay for the Australian visa application, you need to do a few things like:

Complete the entire application process before you proceed to pay.

Ensure that your card has the perfect sum in AUD. Applications will only be approved by paying the necessary Australia student visa application expense.

Stage 4: 

Submit the visa application and then proceed to:

  • Book a clinical examination.
  • The examination should be conducted by a professionally approved Australian Migration board doctor.
  • Plan an arrangement for biometrics whenever it is required.
  • Present any additional documents through your Migration login account as and when required/inquired.


Once you receive your application result via email or post from the immigration department, you can fortify your status. Australian student Visas are electronic as of their update of 2015. Thus, you won’t get any visa stamps on your passport. 

The approximate visa process time is of 85 days. This entire visa process for students can only be smooth if you have the professional support of Advisapro – visa agent Australia. Doing everything alone isn’t feasible, so contact us today to ensure a smooth journey.

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